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Recent Achievements:
Globalization Services: Success Stories and Case Studies

Globalization strategy reduces labor rate by 79%

Forced to respond to intensive global pricing pressures, a major Midwest U.S. manufacturer (1.6 billion annual revenues, predominantly in the manufacturing of automotive engine components) approached Continental for assistance. Tom Epply provided consulting services and completed a two-year project to relocate all North American manufacturing facilities for this client to Mexico, Europe or Asian facilities and implemented Lean Manufacturing processes to increase efficiency. This effort resulted in the reduction of their composite manufacturing labor rate from nearly $40.00/hr [fully loaded rate] to $8.60 per hour. An even lower labor cost reduction is forecasted over the next 5 years to between $2.00 and $3.00 per hour (fully loaded) as Tom's full globalization strategy and plans are implemented.

Globalization of CAD platform conversion costs saves 78%

An Ohio based company contacted Continental for engineering support of their conversion of Their product drawings from paper drawings and AutoCAD to ProEngineer. Tom Epply was able to provide consulting services for this client, and was directly involved to the sourcing decisions for an India-based engineering firm. Tom was able to reduce the internal cost for this CAD update program from $320,000 to $71,800, and the conversion was completed on-schedule, with 100% quality at a cost savings of $248,2000, a 78% cost reduction.

Tom Epply is a leading authority on making the benefits of lean manufacturing a reality, and is internationally recognized as a Lean Consultant.

Tom's introduction to lean started in 1992 with General Motors and has continued since that time with numerous successful lean production implementation consultations for companies such as Molex, Remy Inc., Delphi Engine & Energy Management and Unit Parts. Example: Molex documented over $2,000,000 in savings as the direct result of 10 of Tom's workshops, delivered at a total cost of $125,000. Tom's monthly Lean Workshops have been delivered throughout the United States and Mexico, resulting in millions of dollars in annual savings for many other clients.

Tom Epply has a strong track record of growth throughout his career.

Tom's background includes over thirty years with General Motors, and 12 more years as President of Continental, where he gained a wealth of hands-on experience in many engineering disciplines including product engineering, advanced manufacturing engineering and operations for a wide range of products including automotive components, consumer products and government services.

After leaving GM, Tom became the president of Continental Design and Engineering in Indiana, where, in addition to his focused involvement in lean consultations, he was instrumental in the company's growth from $12 million/yr in annual revenues to nearly $40 million/yr, during which time the engineering workforce grew from 100 to nearly 400 engineers.

Tom Epply's achievements have resulted in numerous state and national awards

Tom's efforts as president of Continental have resulted in numerous regional awards (Growth 100 Awards for being one of the fastest growing 100 companies in Indiana 1997, 1998, 1999) and national award recognitions (U.S. Small Business of the Year 1998 for Indiana) for business achievement.


Tom received his formal education at both Ball State University and New York University and has remained informed on the latest in lean manufacturing technology through studies at the University of Kentucky, and the University of Michigan and at the Toyota Plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.

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