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Vehicle Headlamp Adjuster with Pivoting Housing

United States Patent

Young et al.

Patent Number:    5,414,602

Date of Patent:    May 9, 1995

Inventors: Paul E. Young, Muncie; Rex E. Clendenen, Jr., Anderson; Juan Delbosque, Lapel; Roy Smith, Indianapolis; Gary L. Miller, Lapel; Brian S. Lewis, Middletown, all of Ind.
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 293620
Filed: August 22, 1994
Int. Class: F21M 3/20;
U.S. Class: 362/66; 362/80; 362/428
Field of Search: 362/418, 419, 427, 428

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Primary Examiner- Richard R. Cole
Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Ernest E. Helms


A headlamp adjuster is provided which, in a preferred embodiment, includes a mounting panel connected to the vehicle with an aperture and upper and lower ends providing linearly aligned cylindrical surfaces facing the vehicle; a housing fixably connected with upper and lower rods for pivotal entrapment in the cylindrical surfaces of the mounting panel, allowing pivotal movement of the housing with respect to the vehicle panel; a drive screw mounted by the housing and projecting therefrom having an end with a ball pivotally connected to the headlamp in a nonrotational fashion; a first gear with a connected bushing mounted within the housing, the first gear threadably encircling the drive screw being formulated from a nonmetallic material having a bore providing an interference fit with the drive screw, the rotation of the first gear causing translational movement of the drive screw; and a second gear mounted within the housing and held in position by the bushing of the first gear, the second gear being enmeshed with the first gear for imparting a torque to the first gear and the second gear having fixably attached thereto an input shaft extending from the housing for receipt of torsional input to the second gear.

7 Claims, 3 Drawing Sheets

Vehicle Headlamp Adjuster with Pivoting Housing patent image

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