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Vehicle Headlamp Adjuster Ball and Socket Assembly

United States Patent

Nagengast et al.

Patent Number:    5,360,282

Date of Patent:    May 23, 1989

Inventors: William E. Nagengast; Leslie H. Hallgarth; Brian E. Witte, all of Anderson; Paul E. Young, Jr., Muncie, all of Ind.
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 181136
Filed: January 13, 1994
Int. Class: F21V 30/00; F16C 11/05
U.S. Class: 403/131; 403/130; 403/122; 403/119
Field of Search: 403/122, 121, 119; 362/66, 428

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Primary Examiner- Randolph A. Reese
Assistant Examiner- Anthony Knight
Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Ernest E. Helms


A ball and socket joint arrangement for mounting a vehicle headlamp assembly to a vehicle is provided which in a preferred embodiment includes a body connected with the headlamp assembly and having an interior spheroid aperture intersected by first and second apertures with a plug in the second aperture, a portion of the plug forming the spheroid aperture; a ball for pivotally mounting within the body spheroid aperture having pivotal motion on at least two axes, the ball having a bore generally aligned with the first aperture and a circumferential groove, the circumferential groove forming a slot with the bore in two geometrically spaced locations; a rod connected with the vehicle for insertion into the bore of the ball and having a circumferential groove aligned with the circumferential groove of the ball; and an omega spring mounted within the circumferential groove of the ball retaining the rod to the ball after insertion of the rod into the bore of the ball by projecting into the slot of the ball and locating within the circumferential groove of the rod.

7 Claims, 3 Drawing Sheets

Vehicle Headlamp Adjuster Ball and Socket Assembly patent image

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