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Headlamp Leveling Arrangement

United States Patent

Nagengast et al.

Patent Number:    5,151,849

Date of Patent:    Sept. 29, 1992

Inventors: William E. Nagengast, Anderson; Philip C. Filosa, Indianapolis, both of Ind.
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 740743
Filed: August 6, 1991
Int. Class: F21M 3/18
U.S. Class: 362/61; 362/66; 362/427; 33/335; 33/379
Field of Search: 362/61, 66, 80, 96, 287, 418, 427, 428; 33/335, 365, 370, 379

References Cited

2058743 October 1936 Trippe 362/311
4660128 April 1987 Beroin et al. 362/80
4802067 January 1989 Ryder 362/61
5029051 July 1991 Shirai et al. 362/66
5032964 July 1991 Endo et al. 362/66

Primary Examiner- Richard R. Cole
Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Edward J. Biskup


A leveling arrangement for a vehicle headlamp that includes a slot formed in the upper portion of the reflector member in which a spirit level member is located and combined with a spring clip which is fastened to the reflector member and to one end of the spirit level member and includes a leaf spring which continuously biases the other end of the spirit level member in one direction so that an adjustment screw threadably received by the spirit level member permits the aforementioned other end of the spirit level member to be raised or lowered for providing calibration of the spirit level member relative to the optical axis of the reflector member.

3 Claims, 2 Drawing Sheets

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