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Vehicle Headlamp Adjustment Device

United States Patent

McMahan et al.

Patent Number:    5,063,480

Date of Patent:    Nov. 5, 1991

Inventors: David R. McMahan; William E. Nagengast; Luis A. Mateos, all of Anderson, Ind.
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 566905
Filed: Aug. 13, 1990
Int. Class: B60Q 1/02
U.S. Class: 362/61; 362/66
Field of Search: 362/61, 66, 345, 80, 82, 83, 418, 419, 420, 421

References Cited

4922387 May 1980 Ryder et al. 362/80

Primary Examiner- Ira S. Lazarus
Assistant Examiner- Sue Hagarman
Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Edward J. Biskup


An adjustment device for a headlamp assembly that provides aiming adjustment of the headlamp unit in a horizontal plane, after which the adjustment device can be set to visually indicate that the headlamp unit is at a zero ("O") reference marking and also permit re-calibration of the lamp unit if the latter is re-aimed.

3 Claims, 2 Drawing Sheets

Vehicle Headlamp Adjustment Device patent image

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