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Composite Headlamp Vent Device

United States Patent

Nagengast et al.

Patent Number:    5,003,446

Date of Patent:    Mar. 26, 1991

Inventors: William E. Nagengast; James S. Mellinger; David R. McMahan, all of Anderson, Ind.
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 575,757
Filed: Aug. 31, 1990
Int. Class: F21V 29/00
U.S. Class: 362/294; 362/61; 362/345
Field of Search: 362/61, 294, 345, 373, 362/10

References Cited

4747032 May 1988 Weber 362/345
4849865 July 1989 Van Duyn 362/294
4937710 June 1990 Hurley et al. 362/294

Primary Examiner- Stephen F. Husar
Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Edward J. Biskup


A ventilation system for a replaceable bulb headlamp in which the reflector member is formed with at least two slots in line with and behind the sealant channel and each slot is adapted to slidingly receive a vent device which establishes a labyrinth-type flow path for air to enter and exit from the interior of the headlamp.

12 Claims, 2 Drawing Sheets

Composite Headlamp Vent Device

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