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Headlamp Bulb Retaining Arrangement

United States Patent

McMahan et al.

Patent Number:    4,851,976

Date of Patent:    Jul. 25, 1989

Inventors: David R. McMahan; William E. Nagengast, both of Anderson, Ind.; John D. Geddie, East Lansing, Mich.
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 302288
Filed: Jan. 27, 1989
Int. Class: H01R 33/00
U.S. Class: 362/226; 362/61; 362/306
Field of Search: 362/61, 226, 306, 435, 362/436, 443, 444

References Cited

4513356 April 1985 Mikola 362/226
4590542 May 1986 Schauwecker 362/226 X
4679128 July 1987 Van Duyn et al. 362/226 X
4794500 Dec. 1988 Bradley 362/61 X

Primary Examiner- Ira S. Lazarus
Assistant Examiner- P. Neils Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Edward J. Biskup


A retaining arrangement for a replaceable bulb mounted in a vehicle headlamp reflector that includes a grip member and a cooperating lock nut the former of which is adapted to be press fitted onto and retained by spring fingers on a cylindrical boss surrounding the socket formed in the headlamp reflector.

2 Claims, 3 Drawing Sheets

Headlamp Bulb Retaining Arrangement image

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