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Antiglare Rear View Mirror

United States Patent


Patent Number:    4,319,806

Date of Patent:    Mar. 16, 1982

Inventor: Darrell L. Brandenburg, Anderson, Ind.
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 167414
Filed: Jul. 11, 1980
Int. Class: B60R 1/04
U.S. Class: 350/281
Field of Search: 350/280, 302, 159, 276, 279, 281, 404/14-16

References Cited

3870404 March 1975 Wilson et al. 350/281
148324 Feb. 1950 Australia 350/280
1274210 May, 1972 United Kingdom 350/280

Primary Examiner- John K. Corbin
Assistant Examiner- Rebecca D. Gass
Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Edward J. Biskup


An antiglare rear view mirror having an actuator assembly formed with a bearing surface at one end and a rotatable positioning member at the other end that are mounted between a pair of projecting flange members formed on the housing which carries the mirror element and in which the flange members are drawn towards each other for placing the actuator assembly in compression to thereby ensure that the housing maintains its position when moved to the "day" position or the "night" position.

2 Claims, 7 Drawing Figures

Antiglare Rear View Mirror patent image

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