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Automatic Treating Agent Dispenser

United States Patent

Bernard et al.

Patent Number:    4,009,598

Date of Patent:    Mar. 1, 1977

Inventors: James A. Bernard, Dayton; Roy R. Smith, Eaton, both of Ohio
Assignee: General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.
Appl. No.: 635645
Filed: Nov. 26, 1975
Int. Class: D06F 39/02;
U.S. Class: 68/12 R; 67/17 R; 68/207; 134/101; 134/113
Field of Search: 68/12 R, 17 R, 207; 134/100, 101, 113, 104; 222/450, 425

References Cited

3079944 March 1963 McLaughlin 68/17RX
3086379 April 1963 Plante 68/17RX
3120329 February 1964 Noakes 68/17RX
3133673 May 1964 Buss 68/17RX
3826408 July 1974 Berndt et al. 68/17RX
Primary Examiner- Philip R. Coe
Attorney, Agent, or Firm- Edward P. Barthel


A domestic clothes washer incorporating a system for dispensing predetermined amounts of liquid treating agents wherein an add-on storage tank reservoir is mounted on the washer control console. User operated valves provide gravity flow of the agents from the reservoir into dispensing vessels on the console. The vessels include calibrated viewing windows allowing the user to manually fill the vessels with wash agents to selected levels prior to each washing load for subsequent automatic emptying and passage into the washer during predetermined operations. Means are also provided to flush at least one of the emptied dispensing vessels to the washer drain by diverting a portion of the washer rinse water therethrough.

4 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures

Automatic Treating Agent Dispenser image

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