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Bill Nagengast

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Executive Summary:

Automotive Product Development & Design Engineer [23 years], currently COO of Continental Design and Engineering. Assisted in start up of Continental Design & Engineering (1985), and focused on Engineering projects, especially in Product Development & R &D for Automotive Exterior Lighting products. Achieved significant Intellectual Property milestones [Awarded 30+ patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and technical disclosures].

Work Experience:

COO, Continental Design & Engineering, Inc. -- 1985 to Present
Anderson, Indiana

Assisted in start-up of Continental. Created & managed R & D group for Guide Corporation [part of Delphi Interiors & Lighting, a division of GM] Automotive Forward Lighting, achieving #1 in Patent awards for 5 years for all of General Motor's divisions. Created & managed Computer-Aided-Engineering [FEA/CAE] group for Guide. Created & managed Early Imaging/Advanced Computer Simulation group for Guide (Alias/Maya technology of Jurassic Park), Created major Proprietary Technologies and Engineering Applications in Optics, Optical software, and Optical Performance Visualization areas. Created Advanced Engineering/Product Feasibility Center (22 Engineers) for Guide in Detroit area to support sales groups at "Big-3" [General Motors, Ford & Chrysler].

Value Engineering: Was able to redesign components for lighting products that resulted in over $50 million in cost savings.

Optical Design System Software: Directed creation of a fully automated Optical Software System {ODS} capable of creating a wide range of headlamp optical "prescriptions" which met all U.S. headlamp optical requirements (FMVSS 108).

Advanced Photo-Realistic Simulations & Animations: Took the animation software [Alias/MAYA] utilized by Stephen Spielberg for the dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park, and applied that animation/simulation technology to forward lighting. Developed two stunning new technologies: The first permitted the creation of a photographically precise [35 mm quality] picture of any lighting product, with only CAD data available. The second application permitted creation of a video animation of a night drive road scene that simulated a short movie of what a driver would actually see as if driving at night.

Advanced Packaging/Sales Engineering Group: Created a Detroit based Advanced Packaging Group [centrally located in Troy, Michigan for strategic access to Ford, Chrysler and GM Tech Centers] to provide customer design and engineering support for the Guide Sales group in Detroit. Included a dedicated team of 20 experienced designers and engineers who went into the Advanced Design Studios of the "Big 3" to represent and support Guide Sales Teams and help create lighting product designs.

"Fast Forward " Lighting Technology: Created Sales and marketing technologies for prospective lighting customers ("Fast Forward" Technologies). These included packaging many proprietary technologies that reduced product development time and dramatically improved quality.

Studio Potter, Clay Sculptor  - 1973 - 1985
New Hudson, Michigan

Created three pottery studios (Apple Lane Pottery), designed & constructed high-fire brick kilns (catenary arch design), built showroom. Researched and created new glaze formulations for porcelain pottery. Exhibited in 25+ Art Fairs/Gallery Shows per year in Midwest & Southeastern U.S. Provided porcelain pottery [wheel thrown] for art galleries in Midwest. Participated in many One-Man & Group Shows. Winner of numerous "Best-in-Show" Awards for Clay Media. Art work in many prestigious private, university & public permanent collections.


1966 -- 1973 Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
1972 B.S. Physics & Chemistry [Double Major] + Secondary Education.
1972 B.A. Art [Clay] + Secondary Education
1973 M.A. Art [Clay] + Secondary Education
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