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A word from our COO, Bill Nagengast

Why use Continental Design & Engineering?

Continental Design & Engineering's services have, at their foundation, three core strengths built on millions of hours of experience solving real-world design and engineering, staffing and manufacturing problems:

  1. Fast, responsive customer service and pro-active communication.
  2. The ability to quickly locate, evaluate and deliver quality contract technical staffing candidates that meet the exact requirements needed.
  3. Advanced design, engineering and lean manufacturing know-how expertly applied.

These strengths enable the speed and flexibility needed to meet the fast-changing needs of today's manufacturing realities. Our clients' projects run faster and leaner because they have the professional design, engineering and technical staffing resources available whenever needed to bring their projects in on time and on budget.

Most of our work is repeat business because our customers have proven to themselves that our effective technical staffing, design and engineering resources enable them to deliver faster, cheaper and better.

A call to Continental now means you'll have the depth of our technical resources available whenever you need them — and to based your plans on for the future — to enhance your productivity and profits.

From short-term contract technical staffing to global manufacturing, our staff of engineering experts is fast, flexible and responsive to your technical staffing, design and engineering needs.

Bill Nagengast, COO
Continental Design & Engineering

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